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Pan Am Rebrand

Theoretical new identity for pan am world airways

Pan Am, officially known as Pan American World Airlines, was the largest international American airline during most of the 20th Century. Before its collapse in 1991, Pan Am was a cultural icon, and during its heyday in the 1960s and 70s, it represented all the glamor and excitement that went along with air travel at that time.

The airline industry has changed significantly since then, becoming much more competitive and much less profitable. This project is what I imagine the Pan Am corporate identity looking like had the company stayed in business up to the present day.

In order to stay competitive as an airline, the new Pan Am logo and identity seeks to create a more modern, updated company image, while still being respectful of its heritage and values. The blue globe logo draws inspiration from different flight paths to major cities circling the globe. The pan am text in the logo references the original "wind swept" typography used throughout the company's history. My goal with this redesign was to create an identity that would feel both contemporary and up-to-date with consumers, while still being respectful of the brand's rich heritage.

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